Bouwfysica, or Building Physics, is an architectural design company in the Netherlands, specialising in education about the physics of a building, involving heat, light, air, moisture and sound. This magazine from 2006 is involved in modern sound proofing methods.

This painting shows four new instruments hanging on a line to dry, three violins and one viola. They have yet to be set up with their sound making abilities and someone at Bouwfysica thought that they would work well wrapped round the whole magazine.




Marianne Langner Zeitlin, the widow of Zvi Zeitlin, the viola player, had her second novel published in 2012. She was much entranced by my painting of this half finished violin, made by Harry George, a violin player in the Hallé orchestra in Manchester in the nineteen sixties, before starting
The Violin Shop in Blackpool, where many of my violin paintings were started.



Confingo is a literary and art magazine published twice a year in Manchester. The qualty of the poems and short stories is very high. The October 2017 issue included both a short story recently written by my husband, David Wheldon, and four of my paintings, including this one which was picked for the front cover.

This window is high up in the Protestant temple in Nîmes, in the Gard province of the south of France.


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